At Ryecroft Primary Academy, we strongly believe that taking learning outside of the classroom broadens and enhances pupils’ learning. Because of this, we offer our children a range of trips and experiences linked to our curriculum. We ensure that children have taken part in a range of high-quality experiences throughout their time at Ryecroft.

Our curriculum is designed to extend beyond the academic; it is designed for our community and wider society. We want our pupils to experience a wide range of opportunities in our ever-changing world. We focus on developing pupils’ moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding so that they are well-prepared for life in modern Britain. We aim to introduce them to a wide breadth of opportunities to enable them to make informed choices about their future careers. We ensure that during their time at Ryecroft Primary Academy, children are offered a variety of enrichment opportunities. Our academy provides an inclusive environment where all learners enjoy their education. We planned our curriculum and learning opportunities, so all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

Essential Experiences are a great way for children to embed and remember their learning as well as helping them draw upon prior knowledge to access these new experiences. We understand that Educational Visits can cause a financial burden to families, therefore we ask for a maximum donation of £15 per visit each academic year. A payment scheme is set up on My Child at School to allow families to make small contributions throughout the year. We want to make sure every child can attend every experience we offer, so please speak to a member of staff if you need support with payments.

After School Clubs

We have enhanced our After School Club offer for 2023-2024. Please see the information below to see the clubs that are on offer this term


At Ryecroft we arrange school trips that provide unique opportunities for kinaesthetic learning i.e. ‘learning by doing’ and encourage students to engage with people, places and buildings in new ways. This is particularly beneficial for many SEN students who find visual and sensory experiences helpful to their learning and understanding.

Learning outside the classroom is rewarding and enriching for both teachers and pupils alike. At Ryecroft we experience trips to places such as theatres, churches, museums, galleries and law courts and these visits undoubtedly add extra depth to pupils’ learning and experience

Dallowgill Activity Centre

Dallowgill is located in the Yorkshire Dales and in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It provides all our pupils with a residential experience at a bespoke environmental and activity centre. The local farmers have agreed access to the farms and Yorkshire Water have agreed to allow us use of land adjacent to the centre for parking and camping. This provides children with an opportunity to experience rural life in a profound way.

This year Year 6 will be visiting Dallowgill in November.

Classroom Kitchen

We know that being able to cook is an important life-skill. Therefore, all of our children take part in classroom kitchen on a regular basis. In the cookery workshops children learn about cooking and nutrition in a fun and exciting way.

Pedestrian Skills

Walking skills, such as choosing where to walk and when and how to cross a street, can become second nature over time. But children first need to develop the judgment to see what is different about every walking situation. Therefore, we think it is essential that our children are taught pedestrian skills.

Visitors to school

To tie in with our cover values of Aspirations, Resilience and Enjoyment we are inviting lots of different people into school to talk about their jobs. If you have an interesting job or hobby that you would like to share with the pupils, then please contact info@ryecroftpa.org.uk

Our first Aspirational Visitor was Judith Cummins MP on Friday 8th September 2023