Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is in three layers.

The intent is to enable pupils to access a wide range of opportunities and develop into life-long learners, able to be active citizens in an ever-changing world.

  • The academic layer delivers the national curriculum.
  • The personal development layer is delivered through the curriculum e.g. PHSCE and RSE (delivered through SCARF). ‘The Big Talk’ is a weekly discrete oracy session linked to personal development themes and this is used to teach key oracy skills.
  • The enrichment layer happens through planned weekly enrichment sessions.

Oracy is key to our work in our academy as pupils develop effective communication with increasing skill and confidence. We explicitly teach pupils ‘to talk’ as well as developing oracy skills ‘through talk’ across the curriculum. Our oracy education is rich in authentic, real-life experiences which provide opportunities for children to explore ideas and present their learning to others.

In wider curriculum lesson planning, key vocabulary is explicitly taught, with linked texts for reading and planned opportunities for assessment through discussion of ‘big questions’ (subject related, tier three vocabulary is applied here).

The Academic Layer
The Personal Development Layer
The Enrichment Layer